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Great ideas are generated in different ways. Sometimes an idea may simply be when a company takes advantage of an opportunity to extend its product range, to offer more choice to existing customers.
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There are many kinds of companies: private companies, family-owned and multinational companies. They work in different business sectors: transport, engineering, retailing, construction, tourism, banking etc.
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You asked me about my attitude to travelling. Well, I like to travel by plane because it is very fast. I am not afraid of flying because our modern aircrafts are very safe. I have travelled by plane a lot and want to do it again and again.
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You asked me about things I usually talk about with my friends. Well, I prefer to talk about the Internet technologies, music and movies. Actually, I discuss the same things with my parents, because they are both interested in such topics.
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You asked me about summer camps in Russia. Well, I know a lot about them. There are two kinds of camps in Russia: for sports and recreation. Actually, both of them are very popular with kids who like them because they have a good time there. I have never been to any summer camp and I regret about it.
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Thank you for your letter. It was lovely to hear from you again. I haven’t written so long because I have been up to my ears in exams.
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You asked me about events which are usually held at my school. Well, we actually don’t have Science Week, but we have other events like that called «Week of Russian», «Week of Physics» etc. I often take part in them.
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You asked me about choosing a career. Well, I have decided to become a self-employed businessman because it is an independent and a well-paid job. My parents think that it is a good choice.
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Nowadays everybody is not aware of the ecological problems that humanity faces. Some people think that we need not recycle litter. Others believe that we have to dispose of rubbish.
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I can say that I am fond of celebrations. It is the time when you can forget about your life problems and take a rest from a working life. In addition to it, you have a lot of spare time to do whatever you want.
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