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Главная » 2013 » Май » 23 » Celebrations / Travelling. Сочинение C2 по английскому языку в формате ЕГЭ-2014
Celebrations / Travelling. Сочинение C2 по английскому языку в формате ЕГЭ-2014
          The subject considered presents much interest for all people. The matter is about celebrations.
          I can say that I am fond of celebrations. It is the time when you can forget about your life problems and take a rest from a working life. In addition to it, you have a lot of spare time to do whatever you want.
          There are two ways of spending holidays: passive and active. The latter is my favorite. When I am on holiday I cannot stay at home.  I like visiting exhibitions, playing some popular games like billiards, bowling and table tennis with my friends. I would prefer to run in the forest or to ride on a bike.
          I cannot understand some people who dislike any types of activities and prefer to stay at home during their holidays. In my opinion, it is so boring to lie on a sofa and watch TV the whole the day. It should be mentioned that it is very harmful for health to sit at home for a long time.
          To sum up I would like to say that if you are on holiday, don’t waste your time at home. Just look around. There are a lot of interesting places to visit and to have a nice time with your friends.

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