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Топик Companies по английскиму языку
There are many kinds of companies:  private companies, family-owned and multinational companies. They work in different business sectors: transport, engineering, retailing, construction, tourism, banking etc. Peugeot, for instance, is a French car manufacturer which supplies cars. Bacardi Martini is a Spanish drinks supplier which supplies champagne and vine. Microsoft is an American IT-company, which developing Windows operating system and other software.
I would like to say some words about Microsoft. This company was founded by Bill Gates in late 70s. Being one of the most successful and profitable companies in the world, they spend a lot on charity. Bill and his wife Melinda opened Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation organization, which helps poor citizens of Africa staying alive.  
So, if you want to be as successful as Bill you should follow these tips:
- start with a simple business idea that is easy to understand
- have some good designers who also understand production
- have a strong company culture
 Those are only basic keys and of course, what works for one person may not work for others.
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