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Small Age Workers. Сочинение C2 (английский язык) в формате ЕГЭ-2014
          Some people think that kids should work starting from the age of 14; others believe that they have to become adults before going to work.
          In my opinion, teenagers should not work. To begin with, I would like to say that kids have to spend all their spare time on study, because it can help them to get a good and well-paid job in future. Secondly, kids are to have carefree childhood. Parents should support their children and prevent them from work at a small age, because childhood is the best time in our life which should be spent without thinking how to get the money to live on.
          On the other hand, there are those who think that teenagers have to work starting from the age of 14. They believe that it is a nice chance to earn some money on kid’s needs. Thus, they learn to be independent and economical.
          I totally disagree with them. I believe that parents are responsible for their children’s well-being and therefore they must support them up to the age of majority. Consequently, parents’ duty is to give their children pocket money and provide opportunities for study and intellectual development according to their age.
          In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that starting work at an early age doesn’t do any good to teenagers, because adolescence is better suited for studying than for earning money.
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