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Mass Media. Сочинение C2 по английскому языку в формате ЕГЭ-2014
          Some people think that mass media should be more strictly controlled. Others believe that controls should be loosened to give people freer access to information.
          In my opinion, television, press and the Internet ought to be controlled. First of all, it will do a lot of good for our children. They will be fenced from violence, filthy language and pornography. Secondly, a lot of criminal movies with murder and blood affect people’s mind. As a result we have a lot of crimes in our world. Censorship should prevent them.
          On the other hand, there are those who think that we do not need censorships. They believe that in democratic society people have a right to a freedom of choice. That is why it is their business what to watch and what to do.
          I totally disagree with this opinion. I think that people do not mind how mass media influences on their mind. This may result in anti-social behaviour and other types of offence.
          In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that the media such as press, TV and the Internet should be under control. It will prevent our society from many crimes and help us to grow a healthy and well-mannered future generation.
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