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About Poetry. Сочинение C2 (английский язык) в формате ЕГЭ-2014
          Poetry is a very popular kind of literature. But some people think that we do not need it in our life. Nevertheless, poetry is a powerful tool of improving our spiritual world.
          In my opinion, poems are very useful and interesting literature style. To begin with, when we are reading any poem we can improve our language with great rhyme phrases used in it, which might be easy remembered.
          Secondly, poetry may totally change our living and make it more sentimental and philanthropic. For example, if you have ever read «Evgeniy Onegin» you can imagine the power of words used by Pushkin which can affect your mind and make you more altruistic, soft and gentle.
          On the other hand, there are those who think that poetry is unnecessary kind of literature. They believe that it is very hard to write poems which are useful and not as good as other literature styles. Very much time is required to write a very small poem and this time, as they say, might be spent on other literary works.
          I totally disagree with them. I believe that poetry should exist. It does not matter how much time might be spent on creating a poem, because the result is above all.
          In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that we actually need poetry in our life. It helps us to be more emotional and improves our speech.
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